AICTE – Who Are They?

AICTE stands for All India Council for Technical Education. Before we delve into who they are and what they do,


Tomato: The Elixir of Life

‘Elixir of Life’ is a concept that was first established in Greek mythology in order to explain the immortality and


If I Don’t Get A Coffee In The Morning

A morning without coffee is like a car without an engine, a poet without his muse or Shrek without Donkey.


Weird Hindi Rock Music

Dil Tu Hi Bata :  When writing this article, I couldn’t quite remember too many Hindi rock songs, especially as


Social Media Pranks & Challenges

Prank or practical joke belongs to a category of disparagement humour, as it is a playful act to amuse, tease,


Surrogacy, An Ethical Dilemma

Before we get to the ethical dilemmas surrounding surrogacy, we must understand what surrogacy is. Surrogacy is a legal arrangement


How To Get Rejected On A Date

Show up late. Or better, don’t show up at all. Get the person stood up, and you’ll never hear from


Fortune 500 Companies

The  Fortune 500 is an annual listing by Fortune magazine of the top 500 public companies in the U.S., ranked


History With Browsers

One of my favourite quotes from the Harry Potter series is by Sirius Black- “If you want to know what


Bitcoin boom may be environmental disaster Ford

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