If I Don’t Get A Coffee In The Morning

A morning without coffee is like a car without an engine, a poet without his muse or Shrek without Donkey. I have used these analogies to highlight the importance of coffee, in my functioning as a human being. My day always starts with a cup of hot coffee, at the right temperature with the perfect proportion of milk and water. I like my coffee bittersweet, just like the relationship I share with it. I call it bittersweet because while I enjoy my coffee wholeheartedly and have a great amount of appreciation for it, I also feel guilty every time I take a sip, for it stands for my dependence on high amounts of caffeine, and my addiction to coffee itself. Whenever such a thought comes up, I remind myself- 

Zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahi” ; aur uski ek shuruat, ek badi cup of coffee se hi sahi.

As the rich blend of aromatic beans slips down my throat, I feel equipped to go about my day. Oftentimes, I spend my coffee mornings in my balcony, noticing the beautiful palm trees and their swaying dances, the tiny yet functional basketball court with its rich teal colour illuminated by the glorious sun and its magnificent rays. As I see the elders on their morning walks, I realise how still and calm this moment is.                     

Coffee helps me tolerate life

Without my cup of coffee, I feel incomplete. I feel as if my world has an unknown chaos, something I am unable to resolve. As a young individual in this complex and uncertain world, the cup of coffee is my listener, my vent-out machine, my pacifier. I think about my anxieties and troubles, pondering upon them as I drink my coffee. I talk to my coffee as if speaking to an old friend, describing my recent project or recounting an exciting class I attended.

Without my cup, I am a cranky 80-year-old, snapping at everyone and expressing irritation at all times. Not a fan of people, coffee is my fuel to get through my social interactions in an appropriate and acceptable manner. Without it, my social battery runs out faster and I withdraw from my circle of friends very early in the day. My high dependence on caffeine comes from the fact that I need it to stay awake. Missing my morning cup of coffee means spending a drowsy and irritable day.

I can say this with utmost confidence and surety because as a pattern, I have had some of the most unpleasant days when I leave my house without having my cuppa. I happen to miss my bus, have the most boring classes, fight with my friends, and feel like time is at a standstill and that the day is too long: all because I missed my morning dose of coffee.

Coffee makes my day

The coffee also helps me think about my upcoming day as I plan out and visualize my activities. If there is something very exciting in the day, I share a secret smile with my coffee. As it turns out, not just the liquid inside, but my cup is also incredibly special to me. It is one of my favourite cups in the house. I picked it up from Sweden a few years ago, when I was there on an exchange program. The small, pristine white cup has a couple of lambs printed on its surface. The cup not only reminds me of the wonderful experiences I had in Sweden (a story for a later time) but also of the upcoming beautiful experiences I am yet to experience.

Kreator: Trisha Welde
Gifs: slothilda, gfycat
Image: Unslpash