Digital Art

Quell | A Girl of Star Stuff

This whole artwork is a metaphor of how society puts mental blocks inside women's mind hindering their true potential. At some point in a women's life she is directly or indirectly pushed towards a submissive lifestyle at the hands of their significant other.This mentally discourages women to break out of their societal norms and learn and experience new things (hence the bottle).

Fortunately, this mentality has been curbed by feminist activists who have been fighting for women liberty for past some decades. Thus 2000s has really seen a drastic change in the career choices that women make. These include STEM fields, technical fields, etc. (Which is represented by all the science stuff and the book which symbolizes the power of knowledge).

BUT all this still hasn't changed the fact that women are not only technically adept but also creatively savvy. (Which is represented by the sea of stars and galaxy). They are capable of so much more if only they break out of the bottle and work hard to achieve their dreams.

Ayush Tiwari

Kreative Digital Artist