Open Letter

Captain America,
Aka Steve Rogers

Hello Mr. Rogers, I would like you to know how much indebted I am to you at this point in my life. I am sure that I am not the only one who is grateful for your existence. We do not mind you being a virtual man. The things you taught us could never be taught by anyone alive. I can only wonder how difficult it must have been for you to adapt to our treacherous, greedy and insensitive world. I believe life was still easy, if not, then at least simple in the '40s.

It is difficult to live and feel alive every passing day. Especially when you are someone who is an outlaw in society. Like you, I am not someone very flashy and in the current scenario, it is almost unbearable to see other people enjoy their lives more than I am. At least that is what their social media says. I would like to become like you, simple and humble. I do not want to become a victim of this social depression and the race to get the most number of followers. I want to be easy going but purposeful. Like you, I want to help out others like me, who are hiding in their shells. I would like them to come out and be who they are because originality is dying here. People are so opinionated nowadays that it is difficult to be neutral. If you try to listen to both sides rather than making a stand, you are judged as being weak and coward.

I have always seen you as the leader who would hear out everyone and then make a decision. I am trying to do the same, it gets a bit lonely when you have to do everything alone. Since you did it all alone, adjusting to a new era, new people, new technology. I can do it too. I would like to thank you for being there when I needed support. I would like to thank you for teaching me what it feels like to be a mature person. I would like to thank you for existing in this world. Even if a human hand made you, I am thankful.
Have a good day, Cap.
Keep inspiring the kids.

Sanskriti Singh

Kreative Content Writer