To the boy that broke my girlfriend’s heart,

To the boy that broke my girlfriend’s heart,

Often at times, I sit in my room, looking out of the window with the cold wind brushing against my face.
There are thoughts running through my mind. Thousands of thoughts!
Yet, there is this one thought that beats all the other ones.
No matter how much I think on it, I can’t seem to find a conclusion for it.

One moment I develop hatred towards you. You broke probably the kindest heart there is in the world. You knew how much the word ‘promise’ meant to her, yet you broke all your promises as if they were meant to be broken. You made her accept your love while she was unsure and then pulled away when she fell head first for you.
That is like the evilest thing I can imagine. You made a heart full of love, doubt the existence of love itself.

Then there is this other part of my brain (or perhaps my heart, I don’t know which one I use for thinking these days). The optimist one. It asks me to thank you for breaking her heart.

Otherwise, how would I have met such a wonderful soul?

What began as a shoulder for her to cry on, developed into something which both of us value.
Because of you, I know how it feels to be in love!
Because of you, I found happiness!

You sent me a girl with her heart broken into numerous pieces. I know the value of her heart because I have helped her glue it back. I know the value of her smile because I have taken efforts to bring it back on her beautiful face. I know the value of her love, because unlike you, I have not forced it out of her.

Kreator: Pratik Lohiya
Image: Unsplash