To the people who hate me, by Grammar Nazi

To the people who hate me,

The moment you hear who I am, your blood boils. Thousands of cuss words accumulate in your mouth each fighting a battle to come out first. The little smirk on your face surely does not say ‘I love you’. All this hate, all this fuss. 


 Because I know something that you don’t and I corrected it for you? T

hat’s it? Just because I wanted a few words right makes me an a******?

If the language was developed where each word has its own meaning, you replacing a word with something else essentially changes the meaning of the sentence as a whole. In your mind, you know what it is that you are trying to say. But if you mess it up while representing to me, that is not my fault. I do not have some divine power where I can read your mind and find out what you exactly mean. If you use you’re instead of your, or their instead of there, or sit instead of seat, it is wrong. Period.

No, I’m not self-praising. I have no intentions of boasting about my Grammar knowledge. But if you are going to hate me if all I want to do is make a wrong, right, you are going to receive some flak. Next time you think Grammar Nazis are evil, imagine a situation where someone pronounces your name wrong.

 Think what will you do!

A Grammar Nazi

Kreator: Pratik Lohiya
Image: Unsplash