Weird Hindi Rock Music

Dil Tu Hi Bata

When writing this article, I couldn’t quite remember too many Hindi rock songs, especially as I don’t associate with rock, let alone Hindi rock. After a tedious Google search and many hours of listening to songs, I decided to classify this song as Hindi rock. Dil Tu Hi Bata is a song from Krissh 3, which was a very interesting movie. Being a massive fan of Koi Mil Gaya, I was very disappointed after it’s release. This song is one of the major weird highlights of the movie. It is a dream sequence in Maya’s (Kangana’s character) head. The fact that she is a mutant makes the visuals very interesting. Her costumes in the music video are hideous and make me question the credibility of the costume designers. Even the lyrics are ridiculous and rank along with songs such as Ishq Wala Pyaar.


 O Mama

I guess the weirdest songs come from weird movies. Next in line is O Mama from Saat Khoon Maaf. The movie is based on Suzzanne’s 7 Husbands and is extremely disturbing. I feel like the song explores the Oedipus Complex as explained by Freud. The lyrics are not connected in any way and are totally arbitrary. With its rock show lighting and John Abraham’s blonde wig, the video doesn’t disappoint in this aspect either.


Tandoori Nights:

Any Himmesh Reshmaaiya critique or fan would have come across this song. An iconic song, no doubt, one cannot deny the fact that is extremely weird. One can only guess what they meant to imply by ‘Tandoori Nights’. Maybe the lyricist wrote this while enjoying a plate of Tandoori Chicken or perhaps was a vegetarian who wanted to exact revenge on non-vegetarians by ruining Tandoori for us. 

Wasn’t Veg Biryani enough torture? 

The beautiful (note sarcasm) song is complemented by fantastic video of Himmesh Reshmaiyya and Urmila Matondankar in a club. The two worlds that collide make this song even more cringy.

Bhaag DK Bose:

Being a massive Aamir Khan fan, I often wonder why he decided to work on Delhi Belly. Bhaag DK Bose has weird lyrics albeit very iconic and catchy. Sometimes, it seems like they were trying to make a motivational song while trying to mimic Papa Kehte Hai… Who knows? One cannot deny that the music is very catchy and peppy. However, its controversial nature especially because of its wording is why it is featured here.

I Hate You Like I Love You:

Another iconic popular culture song from the same movie, this song has confused many philosophers and psychologists who find it impossible to understand exactly what the song meant to convey. The chorus line is confusing and cannot seem to make its mind. Additionally, the mix of Hindi and English makes it even more interesting. The video is ridiculous in the finest sense and makes an intellectual squirm throughout its runtime. It is one of the finest B grade Hindi rock songs to be made and I suggest you listen to it if you want some exposure to that genre.

rock music

Jaa Chudail:

Sometimes I wonder, what the composers of the Delhi Belly were on when they created the album. Jaa Chudail is the last song I shall be writing about that is from this album. The lyrics are great to dedicate to your ex-girlfriend or anyone else you would like to. In fact, you could go the extra mile and send them the audio clip. Another example of fine B grade music, do listen to the song for the background music and constant screams of Jaa Chudail. 

Tip: probably not a great idea to listen to it at night, especially if you’re not a fan of horror movies.


Confession Time: I am not a rock fan, nor an appreciator; I don’t even understand the genre. Hence, my analysis and opinion may seem very biased. I came across the song Ungentle and The Becoming by Bhaynak Maut sometime back. I did not enjoy the music at all. In terms of rock, it is very good, however, the unnecessary sounds in the middle(singers yelling) made it very unpleasant.  I would rank it as weird because while it is good music, it is unconventional and appeals to only certain people.

Bam Bhole:

I was on my school bus on the way for a field trip when I first heard Bam Bhole. It gave me a headache. It is a very catchy song but is very heavy and gets to you after a while. Of course, the content of the song is very interesting and controversial and makes you wonder what is considered popular and quality music these days. Do visit this soundtrack at some point in your life, just make sure it’s not before you visit a Shiva temple.

field trip

Kreator: Trisha Welde
Image: Unsplash